Drew Barnes
Vancouver, Canada

Bio: When I face a wall, I want to break it down! Why?... BECAUSE IT'S THERE! I'm a singer-songwriter who wears my emotions on my sleeve! I write and sing about what I feel and see. Everyday I see the rich in their Maseratis, and I see the poor with their shopping carts. Music is my way to break through the bounds, and give a little bit back. Throughout my career as a musician, I have always been close to the street. My daytime jobs; you know, those beastly jobs one has to do to put food on the table, have for decades been in the heart of Vancouver, in her infamous Entertainment District on neon-lit Granville Street! When you hear someone say "I've seen it all!", well ... I pretty much have! I've been around, and as a youngster I was greatly influenced by the early punk-rock explosions by the likes of the Sex Pistols, and Vancouver's own D.O.A.. New wave Blondie, Cheap Trick and Sniff and the Tears provoked the seeds of musical creativity in my youthful spirit. The folk rock of Neil Young and Bob Dylan stoked my reactionary fires to the power of awareness for a lyricist. Today, I am very turned on by the international plethora of indie/alternative music artists. The undeniable creativity of indie music inspires me to find peace in the music I am making, and the goals I have set for myself! My own music bridges styles from pop, to folk, to rock and blues, in my own unique style, and I now have a worldwide fan base! Songwriting has always come naturally to me. Instinctive one might say! Songwriting is more than a love; for me, it's a need! Of my music, I have had much media praise including: "Drew Barnes adds to the rich music scene in this city!" (Maple Ridge Times) "Rich in lyrical imagery" (the Vancouver Sun) "Emotion!" (Recording Magazine) "Gritty!" (Sun Media) I've spent my lifetime performing, and I love an audience. I keep my music fresh with live shows, while getting great reviews and fans around the world with Internet airplay of my studio work on jango.com and reverbnation.com (where I am consistently in the top 10!), as well as videos at youtube. More media quotes: "one of the best indie artists out there."(Indie Cafe) "Drew's songs have a power of their own." (Westender) "perfect pop hooks" (Vancouver Courier) "Jim Morrison vibe" (Recording Magazine) Thanks to you music lovers, making music will always be fun! I'm doing my best to survive with my 'daytime jobs,' but you can help me out by buying mp3s at your favourite online retailer including: itunes, amazon.com, cdbaby, and many more!

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