Let’s make an assumption. You have a GREAT song, and you’ve produced it as well as you possibly can. Now, let’s get real!

That baby ain’t going nowhere without GREAT marketing!

There really are millions of great songs out there. The ones that make it big are well-marketed.

Marketing consists of the following points that make up a package in the music industry:

  • CONTENT: your GREAT song, well produced.
  • IMAGE: who are you? Who created this great musical work?
  • PROMOTIONS: understand your audience, let them know what you are doing by communicating with them respectfully, and give them what the want and expect from you.

These are the fundamentals of marketing.

For example, if you see yourself as a star-studded, circus-like entertainment extravaganza, then market yourself as such.

If you are instead, a dark, moody indie artist, your marketing should reflect that.

Whoever you are as an artist, and whatever you do, your marketing must portray that very essence of you!

Consistent, assertive, and entertaining should serve as touchstones of your marketing campaign in the music making industry.



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