In the music business, it all begins with a song.

But, what is my ‘Inspiration For A Song?’

I have a need. My need is to write songs, and create music!

My inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime.

When that inspiration comes, I use my smartphone, a notepad, or any scrap of paper I can find, or even the skin on my arm, to write down and capture an idea and turn it into a song!

Maybe I am out for a beer, when I am inspired to write a song about a bar-room musician, as in BEERHALL HERO.

I find a song after a fun night at work with a pretty co-worker, and as if by magic, come up with NO COMPROMISE.

A casual outing with a woman friend leads to YOU’RE A WOMAN I CAN SING ABOUT.

My point being, every happening, every circumstance, every moment has a song!

A sunrise or sunset, a walk on the beach at high tide, a traffic jam during rush hour, or even something as simple as a great day at work, all serve to inspire me to fulfill my own personal need to make music!

The ‘Inspiration For A Song” may be different for everyone, every time, but if you have an inspiration for a song, follow your inspiration, and create your own music!



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